New specials menu now available

Each month we aim to offer a selection of seasonal dishes from various regions of Italy using authentic Italian ingredients.

To give our customers the opportunity to taste dishes that were cooked for us by our grandmothers and mothers when we were children.


Vegetali grigliati con burrata
Grilled vegetables topped with burrata (a rich mozzarella chesse).

Salame pepato con pomodori secchi
Thin slices of peppered salami topped with sun-dried tomatoes.

Insalata di farro ai frutti di mare
Farro (pearl barley) salad with mixed seafood. 
Please note: This dish is served cold.


Busiate con salsiccia, spinaci e Pecorino
Traditonal sicilian pasta with an italian sausage, fresh spinach and pecorino cheese sauce.

Pesce spada con aceto balsamico e salsa di noci
Swordfish steak with a balsamic vinegar and walnut sauce.

Bistecca al pepe nero
Sirloin steak with a cream and black pepper sauce.