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Small Bites

£4.95 Olivé

A bowl of marinated green and black olives.


£9.95 Calamari Fritti

Squid rings dusted in flour and deep fried to a golden brown.

£9.50 Arancini Siciliani

Freshly made rice balls filled with Ragú beef & pork mince, mozzarella, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried to a golden brown.

£13.50 Antipasto (N)

Thin slices of Italian cured meats and vegetables under oil.

£7.95 Panzerotti Fritti

A mini calzone filled with salame, mozzarella and a tomato sauce and oven baked to a golden brown.

£6.50 Minestrone (V)

Classic Tuscan mixed vegetables and broth soup.


£11.95 Lasagna

Traditional oven baked lasagna layered with lasagne pasta sheets, tomato sauce, beef & pork mince, béchamel sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. *contains nutmeg seasoning and dairy*

£11.95 Trofie Al Pesto Genovese (N) (V)

Traditional Ligurian pasta served with a basil, olive oil, pine nut, potatoes and green bean sauce. Suitable for vegetarians. This dish contains nuts.

£10.45 Pizza Margherita (V)

Simple tomato and mozzarella topping. This dish is suitable for vegetarians.

£19.95 Pollo Alla Valdostana

Chicken breast topped with thin slices of ham and Fontina cheese. Served with a vegetable of the day and potatoes.

£22.95 Costolette D’Agnello Con Crosta Di Noci (N)

Lamb cutlets coated in breadcrumbs, crushed walnuts, pecorino cheese, parsley and pan-fried to a golden brown. Accompanied by a rocket, radicchio rosso and orange salad. This dish contains nuts.


£5.45 Zucchini Fritti

Courgettes lightly coated in flour and deep fried.

£4.95 Insalata

Romaine lettuce, radicchio rosso, rocket and fennel.

£5.35 Insalata Mista

Romaine lettuce, radicchio rosso, rocket, fennel, tomatoes and cucumber.


£5.95 Tiramisu (N)

Cosmoba's delicious classic dessert (made with almond amaretto liquor).

£10.95 Zabaione

Classic Italian dessert made with egg yolks, Marsala wine and caster sugar.

£10.50 Formagi Misti

Italian cheese board - Dolcelate, Pecorino, Parmigiano served with crackers.